William Ledeuil, chef 

When evoking his approach to food, William Ledeuil speaks of expressing taste through colors, and describes broth as a palette of aromas and flavors: for him, art is never very far from cooking, and the art of cooking lies in delighting the senses […]


Chefs, market garden produce, managers, artisans, artists… William Ledeuil has surrounded himself with talented friends and associates with whom he has weaved essential relationships […]


William Ledeuil, from food to folios

Books have always held a special place in William Ledeuil’s life. While he was training to become a chef, he perfected his knowledge by devouring the books by the Chefs that he admires […]

Chef at home

How about taking Ze Kitchen Galerie’s spirit away from its 4 rue des Grands Augustins’ customary setting to welcome us into your home? Whether for lunch or dinner, William Ledeuil and his crews […]


A perspective on William Ledeuil’s world as seen in the press, through a selection of clippings and articles.


More than a gift set, an escapade. Chef William Ledeuil’s dishes are destinations where one is welcomed by hosts of new and unexpected flavors, colors and inspirations. A unique experience for the senses that makes for a perfect present – to give, or share.