The Place

Atypical pasta and astonishing stocks

It is called Ter because it is the third restaurant William Ledeuil has opened, Terre, meaning earth in French, because it celebrates the land nourishing us; Kitchen Ter(re) has been sharing a different kind of pasta since 2017.
The project originated with an encounter between William Ledeuil and Roland Feuillas, a farmer and baker from Cucugnan, in the south-west of France. Together, they imagined 6 types of traditionally made pasta using flours from different ancient grain varieties (small spelt, hard wheat, Roussillon awned wheat, Khorasan wheat…) selected for their nutritional qualities and low gluten levels.
They can be enjoyed in luminous surroundings that are once again very colorful with an arty touch. Hanging over the blue wall seats and terrazzo tables are 1950s-inspired paintings. The walls are signed by the artist Daniel Humair while the space was designed by the architect and scenographer Roel Stassart.
In the kitchen, it is Chef Julien Jéquier who handles the dentelle, coquillette or girolette with a flair combining Italian and Asian inspirations, dressing them in tailored bouillons. From the appetizers to the desserts, the ingredients and condiments epitomizing the DNA of the Ze Kitchen Galerie punctuate every dish. Sun worshippers will appreciate the small terrace where they’ll be able to savor the House’s plates, juices and surprising cocktails.

Kitchen Ter(re)

26, boulevard Saint Germain
75005 Paris

M° Maubert Mutualité / Cardinal Lemoine / Jussieu

Tel : +33 1 42 39 47 48

Open Tuesday to Saturday

Closed on Sunday and Monday

Parking Saemes Maubert