The Place

Zors-d’œuvre and shared flavors

The Alter ego of Ze Kitchen Galerie, the KGB opened its doors in 2009.
To imbue the venue with its casual chic contemporary flair, William Ledeuil called on the talents of the designer Léopold Gest and the artist Daniel Humair, whose paintings hang side by side with those of Tony Soulié and Jacques Bosser.
At the stove, Chef Martin Maumet and his highly motivated young crew extol the chef’s open-mindedness and love of sharing with a twist – proposing another interpretation of his palette.
Here, the traditional hors-d’œuvres become Zors-d’œuvres: small trays of appetizers – broths, carpaccios, bites, etc. – offering an array of flavorful mezze that one can discover as a selection of two, three or four before moving on to a main dish or a plate of pasta.
While the recipes bring together numerous cultural influences, the leading emphasis enlivening them clearly comes from Asia. Roots, fresh herbs, broths, vegetables and citruses have carte blanche and whimsically draw new culinary lines.

KGB / Kitchen Galerie Bis

25, rue des Grands Augustins
75006 Paris

M° Saint-Michel / Odéon

Tel : +33 1 46 33 00 85

Open Tuesday to Saturday
Lunch / 12.15 pm – 2 pm
Dinner / 7.15 pm – 10 pm

Closed on Sunday and Monday

Valet parking